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Custom Fit Dentures

Custom Fit Dentures

Dentures should be custom designed and hand-fabricated for you and you alone. Dentures that fit perfectly will enhance your life.  Well-designed dentures made just for you can give you years of eating the foods you love and relishing life!

Custom Dentures allow you to:

  • Smile with confidence!
  • Eat the foods you love!
  • Laugh until your stomach hurts!
  • Speak clearly and be heard!
  • Enjoy your life!

You should be the one smiling in the center of your life and memories … not hiding or missing from photographs.  No more tight-lipped smiles or covering you mouth when you laugh.  Well-made dentures are made to resemble your natural teeth and can improve your smile by filling out your facial appearance making you look like your younger self.

For comfort and jaw health dentures (“false teeth”) must be designed to spread biting and chewing stresses evenly over each jaw.  The way the teeth meet during biting need to be precisely calculated for each person. Tooth contact must allow smooth sliding of the lower teeth against the upper teeth during jaw movements without the dentures becoming dislodged. Custom Fit Dentures will support facial muscles and tissue giving a more youthful appearance, support and afford

Custom Fit Dentures will support facial muscles and tissue giving a more youthful appearance. Dentures will also support the jaw joints and properly stimulate the oral tissues and underlying bone to minimize bone loss so common following the loss of natural teeth.

Stabilizing dentures with dental implants is an effective way to preserve jawbone and create very secure dentures.

Pizza? Corn on the cob? With custom dentures, you won’t have to pass up your favorite foods any longer.  Call Gould Dentistry and visit our conveniently-located Racine location today for your no obligation consultation.

Enjoy your life with dentures created especially for you!



This page has been reviewed for medical accuracy by Dr. Ken Gould, a dental practitioner for over 4 decades and a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry.

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Dr. Gould has been a Racine dentist since 2005 and has been practicing dentistry for nearly four decades. He takes pride in providing patients with the best care possible, keeping current with the best emerging dental technologies and methods of care to ensure a comfortable experience for his patients. Dr. Gould’s treatment philosophy centers on delivering friendly, compassionate dental care that’s always in the patient’s best interest and never rushed.

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