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Dental Bonding in Racine

Dental Bonding

Dr. Gould is a local Racine dentist who has years of experience helping patients achieve more aesthetically-pleasing smiles with dental bonding. 

Dental bonding is a procedure we use to repair and restore small chips and cracks, discoloration or badly positioned teeth. It's a minimally-invasive treatment that can often be completed in a single appointment. It uses a composite resin which adheres to the tooth and fixes small flaws, including small areas of decay and cosmetic issues. Bonding usually doesn't require anesthesia, unless it's used to repair a decayed area. It's sometimes used in place of more expensive, but longer-lasting, porcelain veneers.

When We Use Dental Bonding

Bonding is most useful in cases where we're fixing small issues that benefit from a minimally-invasive approach, like chipped teeth, small fractures or cracks, or staining and discoloration. Dr. Gould can also use bonding to fix gaps and spaces, restore or change the appearance of teeth that may be misaligned, misshapen or too short, or as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to dark silver fillings.

Bonding can be a faster, less expensive alternative to ceramic veneers for improving the cosmetic appearance of your smile. However drawbacks of bonding include a greater potential for staining and chipping of the resin resulting in a shorter, less predictable lifespan than ceramic veneers.

In cases of more severe chipping or cracking, bonding may not be an option to adequately repair the tooth. When considering tooth repair, Dr. Gould would discuss with you the options available and make the appropriate recommendation.

How It Works

The dental bonding procedure begins by applying a conditioning gel to make the enamel porous and receptive to the bond, rinsing and drying the tooth.  Bonding liquid is then applied followed by the composite resin which is carefully fashioned into the desired shape. The resin is cured, or hardened, with a powerful light.  Any excess resin is trimmed away, and the bonded area is smoothed and polished to match the natural tooth surface.

The resin used for bonded composite fillings comes in a variety of shades which are intended to precisely match that of natural teeth.  Resin fillings lend strength and structure to teeth while improving their appearance.

Proper Care After Bonding

Patients who have dental bonding done should be aware that the resin is not as hard as natural tooth enamel, so it's easier to chip the bonded area if you do things like bite your nails, chew on ice or other hard objects. It'll be time to quit the chewing-on-your-pen habit after you get bonding done!

To keep your bonded restorations healthy and looking bright and natural, thorough daily brushing and flossing is recommended. Dr. Gould and his team will provide you the tools and techniques to best care for your newly bonded teeth and your confidence-inspiring smile!

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About Dr. Gould

Dr. Gould has been a Racine dentist since 2005 and has been practicing dentistry for nearly four decades. He takes pride in providing patients with the best care possible, keeping current with the best emerging dental technologies and methods of care to ensure a comfortable experience for his patients. Dr. Gould’s treatment philosophy centers on delivering friendly, compassionate dental care that’s always in the patient’s best interest and never rushed.

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