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Dental Veneers in Racine

Dental Veneers

Dr. Gould is a local cosmetic dentist with years of experience successfully restoring smiles with porcelain veneers. 

When chips or cracks are found in your teeth, we have several options to treat them, depending on the size, location and severity of the damage. Dr. Gould may recommend veneers as one possible solution to protect your teeth from further chipping or cracking, and to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are custom-fabricated porcelain coverings that are applied to the front side of teeth and bonded in place. They're very thin, just a shell of ceramic or sometimes resin composite material, and are ideal for making minor corrections in your front teeth. Any large chip or crack that is visible when you smile is a good candidate for a veneer. They're also used to correct shape and improve color in your teeth.

We use porcelain veneers because the ceramic material blends in seamlessly with your natural tooth color, and the veneers are stain-resistant and highly durable.

Why Do I Need Them?

Besides improving the appearance of your smile, veneers also stop existing chips and cracks from spreading further or deeper. Left untreated, chips and cracks can develop into serious dental problems, like tooth infections or more extensive tooth damage.

At Gould Dentistry, we also may use veneers to treat dental issues including:

  • Discolored teeth from medications or stains

  • Worn-down teeth

  • Broken, chipped or cracked teeth

  • Irregular teeth, like those that are odd-shaped, uneven or misaligned

  • Teeth with large gaps between them

Veneers make it possible for Dr. Gould to better preserve tooth structure, as they need less tooth reduction than do crowns or other more invasive dental restoration procedures. This makes them ideal for use on teeth that are generally healthy, but need minor repairs.

What To Expect In Our Office

Getting veneers done can be a multi-appointment process, depending on the number of veneers you may need, and other dental restoration work that can be done in conjunction with veneers.

Whether you are considering treating one or multiple teeth with veneers, Dr Gould will discuss with you the options available to achieve your objectives. Restoring one’s teeth is a highly individualized process, as everyone’s teeth and smile are different with various limitations and characteristics. Dr. Gould is committed to providing you with the most aesthetic, long-lasting result, allowing you to preserve your teeth and smile with confidence.

A typical series of appointments to restore a tooth with a veneer is not painful or complicated; most patients find the experience comfortable. The process would include preparing the tooth by buffing or sanding its surface. This step removes a tiny amount of enamel--about 1/2 millimeter--to allow space for the added porcelain layer of the veneer.

Next, we make a mold of the tooth or teeth to be treated, and send it to a dental restoration laboratory, where a ceramist will create your final custom veneer. This can take a couple of weeks, so sometimes Dr. Gould may place a temporary plastic veneer on the tooth to protect it until the next appointment.

At a second appointment, the new porcelain veneer is evaluated for optimal color, shape and fit.  If everything's perfect, the tooth is cleaned with a conditioner, and the veneer is applied to the tooth with a resin adhesive which is then hardened, or cured, with a beam of intense light.  The bonded veneer results in a long-lasting, aesthetic enhancement of your smile.

Good Veneer Care

When you have porcelain veneers, it's important to care for them properly. In many ways, they're not very different from your regular teeth, but you should be aware of a few differences.

You should be sure to keep brushing and flossing thoroughly. This helps keep all your teeth healthy, of course, but it also helps prevent staining and discoloration of your veneers. They don't require any special method of brushing or flossing; just do what you normally do when following your dentist's home care recommendations. The one difference is that we recommend using a non-abrasive toothpaste, like those made for sensitive teeth.

If you are a habitual jaw-clencher or tooth-grinder, it's often best to use a protective night guard while sleeping, after having veneers done. This minimizes the pressure on your teeth at night and keeps the veneers from wearing out prematurely. If you have this problem, be sure to tell us so we can recommend an effective night guard.

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