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Laser Dentistry

The Most Comfortable Dental Care Available

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  • Are you suffering from cold sores?

  • Is bad breath an issue you can’t seem to resolve with brushing and flossing?

  • Do you feel like your smile is too gummy?

  • Do you avoid the dental office for fear of discomfort?

Laser dentistry can help with all of these issues and others too. Laser dentistry allows our patients to experience comfortable dental care. For example, we can use the laser to target the virus in cold sores, shortening healing time and easing the discomfort. We can also use it to erase a “gummy” smile for improvement of aesthetics in cosmetic procedures.  

What Laser Dentistry Can Do

Lasers are tightly focused light beams, useful for imaging, altering tissue, killing infections, and making surgical cuts. We often use a laser to check your teeth during regular dental health checkups. That allows us to see anything that may be going wrong under the surface of the tooth, like decay or a cavity. It's painless and quick and gives Dr. Gould a better view than a visual exam provides.

Other uses are to help reshape gum tissue or other soft tissue in the mouth, or to reduce pain and inflammation from conditions like canker sores and cold sores. Laser dentistry is also a helpful option for patients who have fear of dental procedures or anxiety at the dentist, because of its ability to reduce discomfort, speed up treatment, and lessen side effects like pain and bleeding. For the same reasons, using a laser during some treatments is also great for children.

Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease

The most rewarding use of the laser is in our treatment of gum disease. Not only is it comfortable, but use of the laser rather than traditional methods shortens healing time and eliminates the bacteria that caused the infection, getting you the results you want. Laser dentistry in these cases can reduce inflammation, sterilize the tissues to avoid further infection, and speed healing of the gum disease.

A Versatile, Time-Tested Technology

We use lasers in a wide range of procedures to improve the comfort of our patients. The versatility of the technology helps several processes go more quickly and easily. Gould Dentistry has used lasers in dental care for decades, and for many purposes, such as to:

  • Enhance a “gummy” smile with cosmetic dentistry

  • Shorten the duration of mouth sores

  • Aid in the treatment of gum disease

  • ADetect cavities

  • Obtain the most precise fitting for crowns and bridges

Laser dentistry is a well-established and practical method of providing dental care for many conditions, and it usually doesn't add expense to your dental bill -- In fact, it can lower the cost by enabling us to do fewer procedures. Do you have questions about laser dentistry and what it can do for you?  Call 262-633-0080, and we'll be happy to answer your questions.


This page has been reviewed for medical accuracy by Dr. Ken Gould, a dental practitioner for over 3 decades and a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry. 

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