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Laser Gum Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery in Racine

Dr. Gould is a local Racine dentist who has years of experience using laser dentistry to reverse periodontal disease and help patients save their natural teeth without the pain and long recovery time of traditional osseous surgery. 

Gum disease is an extremely common problem, with the CDC reporting that nearly half of all Americans over 30 experience some form of gum disease. There are two types: Gingivitis is the milder form of gum disease, often treatable with regular cleanings and good home care; and periodontitis, the more severe kind of gum disease that requires treatment and sometimes even surgery.


For our periodontal patients dealing with advanced gum disease, we offer laser gum surgery as a less intrusive, less painful procedure requiring fewer appointments than traditional gum surgery. It also offers faster recovery time and less restriction after treatment. Dr. Gould has been using laser dentistry in various ways in his office over the years; laser gum surgery most recently has proven to be increasingly predictable and effective.


What is Laser Gum Surgery?

In gum disease pockets of bacteria, plaque and tartar form between the teeth and gums, causing the gums to swell and loosen. Laser gum surgery uses a specialized laser to treat those pockets of infection and diseased gum tissue in the mouth during laser surgery. The procedure also promotes tissue healing and good-sealing attachment between the gums and teeth, which is the objective in treating periodontal disease.


This type of procedure requires no cutting, stitching or scraping, as is necessary in traditional gum surgery to treat advanced periodontal disease. Instead, the laser gently and comfortably kills bacteria and eliminates unhealthy gum tissue. This method leaves healthy tissue surrounding the pockets untouched. Then, the laser stimulates the natural healing processes to promote healthy tissue regrowth and new attachments. This re-attachment step is important to help protect the clean bone revealed by getting rid of the diseased pockets.


Patients usually recover from laser gum surgery within 24 hours, as opposed to weeks for traditional surgery. There is less bleeding during the procedure, less pain and swelling afterward, no stitches required and an overall quicker, more comfortable recovery. Laser gum surgery improves the chances of preserving one’s teeth.  


What Comes After Laser Gum Surgery?


Patients who are treated with laser gum surgery have an increased expectancy of keeping their teeth. This is partly due to the improved connective tissue growth that laser gum surgery encourages, which protects both the tooth roots and bone. After laser gum surgery, gum disease sufferers usually find it easier to succeed with their recommended home dental care regimens, because there is less pain and swelling. Because the pockets of gum disease have been eliminated or reduced, brushing and flossing becomes easier, less painful and more effective; patients can do a better job in preventing the return of gum disease.


Periodontitis can be stopped and even reversed with laser gum surgery through a few simple mechanisms. After laser gum surgery, the bacterial spread that leads to advanced gum disease is stopped. Tartar and plaque are removed; bacteria are reduced with the laser, which also sterilizes the tissues and stops the infection from progressing. Second, the risk of further bone and/or tooth loss is reduced by removing diseased tissue and stimulating healthy tissue. Additionally, the appearance of the gums and teeth is improved with laser gum surgery. With healthy gum tissue teeth can be restored, if necessary, and patients can feel confident and proud of their smiles again!


If you have questions about gum disease, what laser gum surgery offers, or your periodontal care, contact us online anytime, and we'll be happy to talk with you. It's truly astonishing what laser technology can do for dental care, and we'd be excited to share more information with you about it.

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Dr Ken Gould, Dentist in Racine

About Dr. Gould

Dr. Gould has been a Racine dentist since 2005 and has been practicing dentistry for nearly four decades. He takes pride in providing patients with the best care possible, keeping current with the best emerging dental technologies and methods of care to ensure a comfortable experience for his patients. Dr. Gould’s treatment philosophy centers on delivering friendly, compassionate dental care that’s always in the patient’s best interest and never rushed.

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