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Dental Office Team in Racine

First Appointment FAQS

When calling to make an appointment/ appointment inquiries through website

If an appointment request is made through our Norma will contact you to schedule an appointment via phone, email, or both.

The questions you may be asked are:

When was the last time you have been seen by a dentist? (Who provided your previous dental care and what dental care did you receive? May we acquire x-rays from your previous office)?

What are you seeking regarding your dental care?

Are you having any specific issues?

  • What symptoms have you been experiencing?
  • Where in the mouth is the issue? It is best to be as specific as possible to help our dental team be efficient and prepared for your visit to help you in the best way possible. (upper right/ lower right/ upper left/ lower left) (front/ back)
  • Are your teeth hot/ cold sensitive?
  • Do you have any bleeding, swelling, or tenderness in your gums?
  • How long have you been experiencing symptoms?

Do you have dental benefits you want to utilize?

If so, then send via text, (414)-902-3470 or email us the front and back of your dental benefit card so that Norma can determine you specific benefits.

How did you find our office?

If a family member, friend, or work colleague referred you, mention their name. We like to extend thanks for referring friends and family.

If you searched the internet, we like to know where and what you searched.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

You should plan to spend 90 minutes at our dental office for your first visit. Dr. Gould, like most dentists in Racine, WI, will review your dental and medical histories, perform a complete examination of your mouth, assess the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw joints, and complete an oral cancer screening. Dr. Gould will discuss any dental concerns he may see and recommend the appropriate treatments as needed.

What information will Gould Dentistry need from me?

Before you meet with the implant dentist Racine, WI residents trust the most, Gould Dentistry will need the following information from you:


-Phone Number

-Email Address

-Home Address

-Date of Birth

What if I have a specific problem?

Dr. Gould will assess that issue and discuss treatment options with you. He’ll also discuss the fees and time required to complete the treatment. As one of the most trusted dentists in Racine, WI, Dr. Gould prides himself on being transparent and honest.

What if I would like my teeth cleaned?

Dr. Gould will assess your gum health and recommend the appropriate type of cleaning you may need. We’ll then schedule the recommended cleaning with our registered hygienist, Angela. Dr. Gould is the most knowledgeable implant dentist Racine, WI offers. Therefore, his opinion is highly sought!

Should I take medication prior to my dental treatment?

Usually, people who’ve had orthopedic surgery or heart valve replacements are instructed to take antibiotics prior to receiving dental care to prevent infection. We will discuss your specific care plan with you before your appointment. As one of the most dependable dentists in Racine, WI, Gould Dentistry is the name you can trust with all these important decisions.

Is Gould Dentistry accepting new patients?

Yes! As one of the most trusted dentists in Racine, WI, we look forward to serving you!

Call (262)633-0080, text (414)-902-3470, or email today to schedule your appointment. We are committed to providing comfortable, personalized dental care and helping out patients “Smile more and Live more!”

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