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Botox, Xeomin and Dysport are neuromodulators which can be utilized in various dental, cosmetic and pain treatments. They can:

  • temporarily relax hyperactive muscles that are contributing to head and neck pain;

    When pain is muscle-related, Botox treatment may be an effective component for the pain relief.
  • temporarily relax overactive chewing muscles which are causing excessive tooth wear;

    Botox treatment can minimize the destructive effects of jaw clenching.
  • temporarily weaken tight muscles that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles in the skin;

    FDA-approved cosmetic treatments with neuromodulators can prevent new lines from forming which are typically caused by repetitive expressions.

Dr Gould is happy to discuss how Botox therapy might help you.

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We take our time with each and every patient.

We’re a purposefully-small dental office so our whole team can focus on delivering excellent, personalized care that’s never rushed. Dr. Gould and the team are passionate about making you feel comfortable and respected throughout the course of your care.

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We use modern dental technology to make your visit more comfortable.

Dr. Gould prides himself on staying current with the best technologies and treatments in dentistry. From modern laser dentistry to injection-free numbing you can rest assured that you’ll receive excellent care in our office. This top-of-the-line approach is just one of many reasons Dr. Gould serves as the most preferred implant dentist in Racine, WI and the surrounding areas.

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We give back to the community.

Dr. Gould has been an active member of the Racine community for years and frequently volunteers his dental services at the Healthcare Network. We believe deeply in bettering our community through our work.

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