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The Most Trusted Implant Dentist in Racine, WI

Get Back To Your Life

Do you avoid smiling?
Do you avoid raw vegetables?
Is your healthy diet suffering?

All because of missing teeth…

Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth. Whether you need one tooth replaced or several, dental implants give you back your smile and your life. Missing teeth can ding your confidence and keep you from eating normally. They also can lead to bone loss in your jaw. Getting them replaced with a dental implant is a solution to all of those issues.

Dental Implants in Racine
Racine Implants Dentist

How Dental Implants Work

In place of your missing tooth, an implant is a solid, functional substitute that acts like the root of a tooth usually would to give it stability and strength. It can be a base for other restoration work like a bridge, or can support a replacement tooth that works as a natural tooth would during speaking, eating and any other activity.

Getting dental implants is usually done in two procedures over 6-8 months The first procedure is having the anchoring implant placed in your jaw. That stays in place by itself for a few months to heal and integrate into the surrounding bone. During that time, impressions of your teeth are used to create your replacement tooth. The second procedure takes place when your new tooth is fixed into place with a titanium post or other attachment.

Well cared for implants can last a lifetime making them a great investment. Dental implant treatment has a long history of successful outcomes and is often considered the best treatment option for missing teeth or teeth that have had to be removed.

When Implants Are the Best Option

Dental implants can do a great job of replacing a single tooth. They also can support other dental work you may need, like bridges or partial dentures. If you’re missing multiple teeth, partial dentures may be an additional step to get your teeth functioning well. In either case, implants provide the structure and support needed for you to go on with normal daily life.

Dr. Gould has years of experience performing implant procedures from his Racine office. He will be happy to answer your questions about implants and the benefits they offer.

The benefits of dental implants include:

  • Bone preservation
  • Minimally invasive and comfortable
  • Natural looking, “rock-solid” replacement teeth
  • Improved appearance
  • Improved speech
Single Dental Implant in Racine

Missing Teeth Impact Health

When you’re missing a tooth, chewing and eating can become a problem. Dental implants lead to better overall health by allowing you to eat a wider variety of healthy foods you may be avoiding, like raw vegetables and other crunchy or tough foods. They can allow you to eat your favorite foods comfortably and without embarrassment. Another issue for people who are missing teeth is loss of bone in the area. Implant dentistry helps to preserve other surrounding teeth and jawbone and can secure removable dentures.

Implants can provide you with a radiant smile, improving your self-esteem and confidence. Can you see yourself smiling front and center in your next family photograph? We can! With dental implants, you’ll have the confidence to talk, smile and laugh freely without hiding your mouth or worrying about your missing teeth. Contact our Racine dental office to learn how we can help.

Make an appointment at our Racine dental office today to learn more about dental implants and how they can help you take a bigger “bite” out of life.

Why choose us?

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We take our time with each and every patient.

We’re a purposefully-small dental office so our whole team can focus on delivering excellent, personalized care that’s never rushed. Dr. Gould and the team are passionate about making you feel comfortable and respected throughout the course of your care.

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We use modern dental technology to make your visit more comfortable.

Dr. Gould prides himself on staying current with the best technologies and treatments in dentistry. From modern laser dentistry to injection-free numbing you can rest assured that you’ll receive excellent care in our office. This top-of-the-line approach is just one of many reasons Dr. Gould serves as the most preferred implant dentist in Racine, WI and the surrounding areas.

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We give back to the community.

Dr. Gould has been an active member of the Racine community for years and frequently volunteers his dental services at the Healthcare Network. We believe deeply in bettering our community through our work.

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