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Smile More, Live More!

What to expect on your first visit with Dr. Gould

Ken Gould DDS

You will be welcomed by our personable staff, meet Dr. Gould and share your concerns and objectives with him. Dr. Gould will then perform a complete examination including:

Ken Gould DDS

  • Analysis of each individual tooth utilizing an intra oral camera
  • Evaluation of gum health
  • Examination of jaw joint, muscles and bite
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Blood pressure reading

On each visit, your questions will be answered…we want you to understand your oral health. By utilizing the most advanced techniques in dental care, you can have a healthy mouth and attractive smile!

Our practice is committed to assisting our patients in keeping their teeth for a lifetime while enjoying the benefits of good health!

You begin that journey the moment you contact us at Gould Dentistry. From your first phone call or visit to our office, you and your dental health are our priority.

You can count on us.

  • Your time is precious–we’ll make the best use of it
  • Your dental health impacts your overall health–we take that seriously
  • Your best smile conveys confidence, joy and your personality–we’ll help make it sparkle

We make it easy.

  • Get your best health started with a call or email
  • Your calendar matters–we’ll schedule a good time for you
  • Paperwork–we’ll help keep it simple and straightforward
  • Your dental insurance–as a courtesy to our patients, we file claim forms

The right appointment for You!

  • Your interests, needs, and desires design the best first appointment for you
  • You’ll have time to share with us what’s important to you…before we do anything!
  • You make the decisions about your treatment–we provide you with the information, reasons, clear evidence to help you make the best decisions

Your dental treatment.

  • Only what’s necessary for you and your healthy smile
  • You’ll be given options that best meet your needs
  • Your care delivered with professionalism and a caring nature
  • All aspects of your care count–you’ll have the opportunity to select the best financial option for you

You can trust that we’re here for you.

  • The dental needs of you and your family may not always come at the most convenient time–we are a phone call away
  • Your family needs can be handled under one roof–from the little ones to the seniors
  • You will benefit as we continually update our knowledge and techniques for the finest dental care

What our patients say

Office Hours:

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